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Welcome to Natna Hair

At Natna Hair, we have a wide selection of hair extensions. With a history of 6 years, we have accompanied women (ladies) through memorable days, occasions, and ceremonies. We are greatly proud to assure you that your hair extension will be here to provide you a flawless look.

NATNA HAIR is 100% virgin human hair extension. It is fully natural with no plastic, fiber or synthetic added. It’s a well-constructed double weft hair extension that adds much volume to your hair.

This extremely beautiful hair can be washed, heat styled and dyed like your own hair. It’s the kind of hair that defines you for any occasion; big days, little days and all days in between. Natna Hair is for everyone, every day and everywhere.

Made Sustainably

Natna Hair is a long lasting and reusable hair made from premium quality. It doesn’t rash or itch and is tangle free. It is soft, light and causes absolutely no damage to your natural hair.

It comes in both processed and unprocessed with different textures and types; weaves, closures, wigs, clip-ons, loop hair, tape hair and pony tails. It also has different colors and sizes varying from 4, 6, 8 up to 30 inches.


Shop With Confidence

It is our commitment at Natna Natural Hair to make sure you’re receiving an exceptional customer experience.

With the increasing popularity and usage of online shopping, we strive to give our clients confidence by serving and ensuring that they’re receiving quality hair extension.

You’re cordially invited to look and feel beautiful now and every day.


Natna For Him

NATNA FOR HIM is a virgin textured 100% human weave hair for men. It’s a natural skin base hair that gives a realistic appearance to your look. It’s easy to wear, easy to style and no fuss over breathability.

Our top quality Natna for him moustaches and beards are natural and undetectable that create a realistic appearance to your look. We also have removers, water glues and stickers to affix men’s toupees, moustaches and beards.


Why We Are Your Best Choice

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